Attention To Detail

Fabric walling is a luxurious alternative to a paper or paint finish.

Fabric wall panels

Fabric Wall Panels

Fabric walling is often a better option than having to smooth or prepare poor quality, rough walls and it can especially enhance and complement furniture and decorative objects. It brings luxury whilst also hiding any imperfections on the walls. It also provides sound and thermal insulation. 

We have been commissioned worldwide to provide what is sometimes the most overlooked finish to rooms. From hallway cloakrooms to grand halls, fabric walling provides a finish to rooms paints and papers can never achieve.

A wood batten framework is fixed to the existing wall. Cotton twill interlining is then fixed to the battens to provide the fabric with a soft support and to help with insulation. 

The chosen fabric is pre-machined to the required sizes and then attached on top of the interlining. All plug and light switches are then brought forward. Finally, a braid, cord or double pipe trimming is attached in place concealing the edges.